Version 2.1.0

Here is what's new in MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 2.1.0:

New Features

  • External Camera Support: Now available on macOS 14 and iPadOS 17, MixEffect can display the contents of an external camera within the app using the USB View switcher panel. When viewing the Multiview output from the ATEM, the Multiview Overlay feature can be used to create a touch-based interface to viewing and controlling your ATEM switcher. This feature is not supported on iOS 17.

  • ATEM Switcher Support: Added compatibility with ATEM 1 M/E Constellation 4K and ATEM 2 M/E Constellation 4K switchers, as well as future ATEM switchers.


  • Multiview Overlay: MixEffect now remembers the selected Multiview for overlays in both Remote Webview and USB View.

  • SuperSource: Menus now include a lock icon next to SuperSource Presets that have the 'Use Box Sources' option enabled.

  • Wide Input Labels: The long name for inputs are now displayed in the Wide Program and Preview switcher panels.


  • Mac Catalyst Application: The macOS version of MixEffect has been rebuilt as a Mac Catalyst application. Note: This update removes the ability to combine multiple MixEffect windows into a single window with tabs.

Bug Fixes

  • Rendering Issues: Resolved a bug that prevented re-rendering of the Multiview Switcher and Remote Webview switcher panels when resizing the MixEffect window.

  • Streaming Service Detail: Fixed an issue where content was truncated.

  • SuperSource Preview: Improved rendering after resizing the MixEffect window.

  • Tip Jar: Fixed bug preventing tips from being purchased.

  • General: Other minor bug fixes.

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