MixEffect has deep integration with Shortcuts, Apple's automation system for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS (Monterey and higher). Over 100 actions exist for you to control nearly every aspect of MixEffect and your ATEM switcher. Run your shortcuts from the Home screen, using Siri, or from the Shortcuts app.

Automation Requirements

In order to run automations, the following must be true:

  1. Automations are enabled.

  2. MixEffect Pro enabled.

  3. View Only Mode is disabled.

  4. A switcher is currently connected (exception is the Connect to Switcher or actions that query MixEffect’s local database, such as Get My Streaming Services, Get My Switchers, etc.).

If any of these are false, an error will be displayed when trying to run the shortcut.

Allowing Untrusted Shortcuts

If you are already using Shortcuts on your iOS devices, you can skip this section.If you have never used Shortcuts before, you will first need to configure the Shortcuts app to allow the running of untrusted shortcuts. Read and follow the instructions in this article.

NOTE: Apple’s documentation is lacking the fact the you first need to have run a shortcut before the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts Toggle becomes tappable

Enabling Automations

Before you can use the shortcut actions, you first need to enable automations and shortcuts in MixEffect:

  1. 1.Go to the MixEffect Home.

  2. 2.Tap Settings (gear icon).

  3. 3.Tap Automations.

  4. 4.Tap Enable Automations.

  5. 5.Tap Enable Shortcuts.

Adding Pre-Made Shortcuts

MixEffect comes with several pre-made actions that you can add directly to Shortcuts and Siri:

  1. 1.Go to the MixEffect Home.

  2. 2.Tap Settings (gear icon).

  3. 3.Tap Automations.

  4. 4.Tap Sample Shortcuts.

  5. 5.Tap the action you wish to add.

  6. 6.Tap Add to Siri.

  7. 7.Enter a custom phrase for the new shortcut.

  8. 8.Tap Add to Siri.

To run one of these shortcuts, do one of the following:

  1. 1.Press and hold the sleep wake button. When you hear the beep, say the name of the shortcut you created in the previous section.

  2. 2.Say "Hey, Siri," followed by the name of the shortcut you created in the previous section.

Making Custom Shortcuts

If you want to string together several MixEffect actions, you can create your own shortcut using the Shortcuts app.

Invoking Shortcuts

Because the ATEM switcher require a constant connection between the iOS device, you will frequently run into situations where you try to run a shortcut but the device has disconnected in the time you left MixEffect to switch to the Shortcuts app. Unless you account for this with a shortcut that waits for reconnection, your shortcut may fail.Here are tips to mitigate this problem.

MixEffect Helper and Conditional Detect

If running from the phone or if you run shortcuts outside of Split View or Slide Over, use the Open App or Open MixEffect action. Next, add an alert at the beginning of your shortcut prompting the user to wait until the switcher has connected before continuing the rest of the actions.Use the MixEffect Helper shortcut to get you started. You can call this shortcut from your own shortcuts by adding a Run Shortcut action at the top of your shortcut:

Use Siri

Use Siri to run your shortcut while you are using MixEffect. Invoking Siri happens in a separate background thread which does not affect the currently running app in the foreground.

Use Shortcuts in Split View or Slide Over on iPadOS

If Shortcuts is visible alongside MixEffect, MixEffect will not disconnect because it is still a foreground application.

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