Next Transition

This panel controls the upstream keyers on the ATEM switcher.

  • Background

  • On Air

  • Key 1-4: Maps to the upstream keyers of the ATEM switcher. Long-pressing the Key button will display a context menu, allowing you to change the keyer style (Luma, Chroma, Pattern, or DVE). You can also adjust the keyer settings by choosing USK Settings from the context menu.

M/E Next Transition Panels

If you have an ATEM switcher that has multiple Mix Effects Buses, you can add Next Transition panels for each individual Mix Effect Bus. They will be listed in the Edit/New Switcher Page section as:

  • M/E 1 Next Transition

  • M/E 2 Next Transition

  • M/E 3 Next Transition

  • M/E 4 Next Transition

The normal Next Transition panel operates on the currently selected Mix Effects Bus.

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