Media Player (Individual)

A panel that displays an individual media player associated with the ATEM switcher. You can long press to assign a still or clip to the media player. This panel is otherwise identical to the Media Players panel.

If a clip is assigned, you can use the controls to control playback of the clip:

  • Beginning: Jump to the beginning of the clip.

  • Play: Play the clip from the current frame.

  • Previous Frame: Move back one frame in the clip.

  • Next Frame: Move forward one frame in the clip.

  • Loop: Loop playback.

Cycling Through Stills and Clips

Tap the left and right circled arrow buttons to cycle through your still and clips. If you have Loop Stills and Clips in Media Player enabled in MixEffect's User Interface settings, tapping the next button on the last still/clip will select the first item. Conversely, if you tap on the previous button on the first still/clip will select the last item.

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