Version 1.4.1

Here are the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in MixEffect 1.4.1:

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent additional actions from running when in View Only Mode, including OSC, deleting macros, switcher panels, services, services, and profiles, connecting to switchers, search fields, and various keyboard shortcuts.


  • Updates to Polish, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.


  • MixEffect can run for a limited amount of time when minimized or hidden without losing its connection to the ATEM. For best performance, esp. when using MixEffect with OSC, keep MixEffect in the foreground or in the background with its window visible.


  • Setting to allow OSC commands to work when View Only Mode is enabled (off by default)


  • Improved reliability when running shortcuts on macOS and iOS.

  • Macro Loop action to set the value of the looping toggle in Macros.

UI Improvements

  • Refined sidebar navigation appearance.

  • Error message is displayed when Enable Automations or Enable OSC is disabled in MixEffect Settings.

  • Switcher name appears in macOS window and tab titles.

  • Improved padding within search fields.

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