DVE Style

Adjusts the style for the DVE transition.



Adjusts the style for the DVE transition.





Integer from 0-34. Not all ATEM switchers support all of these DVE Effect Styles. 0. Swoosh Top Left 1. Swoosh Top 2. Swoosh Top Right 3. Swoosh Left 4. Swoosh Right 5. Swoosh Bottom Left 6. Swoosh Bottom 7. Swoosh Bottom Right 8. Spin CCW Top Right 9. Spin CW Top Left 10. Spin CCW Bottom Right 11. Spin CW Bottom Left 12. Spin CW Top Right 13. Spin CCW Top Left 14. Spin CW Bottom Right 15. Spin CCW Bottom Left 16. Squeeze Top Left 17. Squeeze Top 18. Squeeze Top Right 19. Squeeze Left 20. Squeeze Right 21. Squeeze Bottom Left 22. Squeeze Bottom 23. Squeeze Bottom Right 24. Push Top Left 25. Push Top 26. Push Top Right 27. Push Left 28. Push Right 29. Push Bottom Left 30. Push Bottom 31. Push Bottom Right 32. Graphic CW Spin 33. Graphic CCW Spin 34. Graphic Logo Wipe



One-based index of the Mix Effect Bus. Default is 1.

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