Get DSK Details

Returns details about the selected downstream keyer.


  • index: The 1-based DSK index.


  • Tie: The Tie state for the DSK.

  • On Air: The On Air status for the DSK.

  • Auto: The Auto state for the DSK.

    • Fill Source: The fill video source.

    • Key Source: The key video source.

    • Enable Mask: Whether the mask is enabled for the DSK.

    • Mask Top: The mask top setting.

    • Mask Bottom: The mask bottom setting.

    • Mask Left: The mask left setting.

    • Mask Right: The mask right setting.

    • Enable Pre-Multiplied. Whether the pre-multiplied setting should be toggled.

    • Clip: The clip value.

    • Gain: The gain value.

    • Invert Key: The invert key value.

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