Version 1.0.6

Here are the feature additions, changes, and bug fixes contained in MixEffect 1.0.6, Build 95, that was released on June 15, 2021.


  • Locked Box Sources: Lock individual box sources when the Use Box Sources setting is enabled for a preset. This feature allows you to set the box sources for say Boxes 1 and 2 but not Boxes 3 and 4. By default, enabling Use Box Sources for a preset the first time will set all boxes to be locked. Choose Edit Preset when long-pressing a preset from the View All Presets page to adjust your locked boxes.

  • Next and Previous SuperSource: Select the next and previous SuperSource presets using the keyboard, Shortcuts or OSC.

  • Cascade Improvements: Change SuperSource 1 and 2 layouts concurrently when Cascade is enabled.

  • Data Preservation: Notes, Use Box Sources, and Locked Box settings are preserved when duplicating and exporting presets. Standardized Transition Speeds: SuperSource transitions speeds are no longer based on the switcher's video rate. This should lead to more consistent transitions if you switch between 1080p60 and 1080p30, for instance.


  • Control up to four HyperDecks from MixEffect.

  • Easily switch the active storage slot.

  • Haptic feedback when using the jog control on iPhones.

  • Toggle between No Loop, Loop Single, and Loop All by tapping on Loop button.

  • Send HyperDeck Command action for Shortcuts sends a raw HyperDeck command to any HyperDeck.

New Shortcuts Actions

  • Send HyperDeck Command

  • Set SuperSource Cascade Layout

  • Next SuperSource Preset

  • Previous SuperSource Preset

New Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Previous SuperSource Preset: Command-Option-[

  • Next SuperSource Preset: Command-Option-]

New OSC Commands

  • SuperSource Cascade Preset

  • Next SuperSource Preset

  • Previous SuperSource Preset

User Interface

  • Added ability to remove switcher sections.

  • Restore removed switcher sections by tapping Reset Layout in the Switcher Detail page.

  • Timecode now updates more frequently.


  • Audio sources can now trigger Video Follows Audio when not mixed in.

  • ATEM Constellation 8K now shows proper names for Inputs 21-40, TRS, and MADI Inputs.

Camera Control

  • Temporarily removed this feature from all ATEM Switchers except for the ATEM Mini line of switchers due to a potential crash when initiating autofocus on non-HDMI cameras over SDI. It is recommended to use this feature only with HDMI-connected cameras.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed issue when Color Generators would change colors when bringing up the Color Picker view.

  • Fixed bug with OSC SuperSource Preset command and the SuperSource ID parameter.

  • SuperSource presets with off-screen boxes off-screen no longer cause inadvertent taps outside of the primary box area.

  • Fixed bug where Start Recording Shortcut action would fail.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

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