Version 1.0.2

Here are the feature additions, changes, and bug fixes contained in MixEffect 1.0.2, Build 67, that was released on May 11, 2021.


  • Added OSC support for controlling MixEffect via OSC clients like Companion.


  • Refreshed UI for SuperSource section to improve workflow.

  • Transition styles: Linear, Sine, Cosine, Square, Cubed, Smooth, and more.

  • The picker bar (Presets, Art, Copy) moves from the navigation bar to the top of the page.

  • The View All Presets button moves to the top-right of the navigation bar.

  • Find button added to the navigation bar. Icon will be colored orange when a search filter has been applied.

  • Box Sources section provides a crosspoint selector for selecting your box sources.

  • Ability to save the SuperSource Preset thumbnail in six different sizes to your Photos Library.

  • Added Save All Settings to box control section.

  • View and modify your SuperSource presets in the ATEM Simulator while offline.

  • Hotkeys for changing Grid and List mode in View All Presets page changed to Command-G and Command-L respectively.

  • Default presets updated so that they expand properly when transitioning from a preset that is cropped.


  • Save All Settings sets properties for just the USK you are editing


  • Save All Settings button sets properties for just the DSK you are editing.


  • Switcher name is now listed at the top of the Switcher Sections.

  • Double-tapping on slider labels will reset the slider to its default value

  • Fader Bar performance improvements.


  • Added option to set the ATEM switcher's timecode based on your iOS device’s time.

In-App Purchase

  • Add Restore Purchases button to the purchase view screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed issue when the Disconnect button in the Switcher Connection page would not work.

  • Addressed issue when the Fader Bar would occasionally display a visual glitch after performing an Auto transition.

  • Exporting your SuperSource presets now works properly.

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