Version 1.6.6

Here's are the new features and improvements in MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 1.6.6:


  • [Bug Fix] Split Fairlight Audio sources no longer create a blank space in the Audio section when Sort Audio Sources by State.

  • [Bug Fix] Choose option will be displayed in VFA Change Program Source if no source has been set.


  • [New] Loop Still and Clips in Media Player setting wraps to the beginning and end when cycling through stills and clips.

  • [New] Always Open to Default Section setting forces MixEffect to go to the Default Section for a Switcher Connection on any disconnect/reconnect. Normally, MixEffect remembers the last section you were on in a disconnect/reconnect cycle.

  • [New] Disable Update Banner setting hides the updated or new version notification banner.


  • [New] Get Auxes action. Returns all the auxiliary outputs in the current switcher.

  • [New] IsFadeToBlack action. Returns off, on, or transitioning state of the Fade to Black for the selected Mix Effects Bus.


  • [New] Ability to specify a URL to preview the SuperSource Art background or foreground. Only available on devices running iOS 15.

  • [UI] Removed Presets header label to save vertical space.

Switcher Page Panels

  • [New] Added individual panels for Media Player 1-4.

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