Get DVE Transition

Retrieves details about the DVE transition for the selected Mix Effect Block.


  • Mix Effect Block Index: The Mix Effect Block to change. Default is M/E 1.


DVE Transition Details object, which contains the following fields:

  • Rate: The number of frames for the transition from 1-250.

  • DVE Effect: The style used by the DVE transition.

  • Reverse: Reverse the direction of the transition.

  • Flip Flop: Flip the transition every time the transition is run.

The following fields are active only when the DVE Effect field is set to Graphic Logo Wipe:

  • Fill Source: The video source used for the transition.

  • Enable Key: Toggle to use a video source as a key for the fill source.

  • Key Source: The video source to be used as the key for the transition.

The following fields are active only if Enable Key is toggled on:

  • Enable Pre Multiplied: Set to true to identify the key source as a pre-multiplied key.

  • Clip: Adjust the threshold at which the key cuts its hole. A lower clip level shows more of the background.

  • Gain: Modifies the angle between on and off for the key signal. Used to adjust the softness along the edges of the key signal.

  • Invert Key: Inverts the key source.

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