Sample Shortcuts

MixEffect has terrific support for Siri and Shortcuts, allowing you to automate nearly everything in your ATEM switcher with shortcuts or your voice.

Read the documentation on all the Shortcut actions supported by MixEffect here.

Here is a list of sample shortcuts to get you started:

Chroma and Luma Titles

  • Chroma Title Example: Example shortcut that walks you through the process of creating a Chroma title.

  • Chroma Title Helper: Create Chroma or Luma titles and upload them straight to the Media Pool in your switcher.

Downstream Keyer and Logos

  • DSK Auto Logo: Automatically toggles an image of your choice to the downstream keyer, regardless of what image is currently being displayed.

Fairlight Audio

  • Reset Audio: Resets all audio sources and optionally sets the frames delay for Mic 1 (Stereo).

BMD Ethernet Protocol Commands

  • Get ATEM MAC Address: Retrieves the MAC Address of an ATEM switcher given its IP address.

  • HyperDeck File Format: Changes the video mode of the HyperDeck, allowing you to switch between Teleprompter (HyperDeck Shuttle HD Only), H.264High, QuickTimeProResHQ, etc.

  • Select HyperDeck Drive: Change the current drive used by a HyperDeck. Can be used to select the USB drive on the newer HyperDeck Studio lineup.


  • Export Streaming XML: Helps you export your streaming settings to a file suitable for importing into ATEM Software Control on your macOS or Windows computer.

Switcher Active Shortcuts

These shortcuts open MixEffect if a switcher is not currently active. The shortcut then either waits a pre-determined amount of time (MixEffect Helper) or prompts the user to tap a button (MixEffect Switcher Active) once the MixEffect has connected to a switcher.

  • MixEffect Helper: Run this shortcut at the beginning of your shortcut to open MixEffect and wait a predetermined amount of time in order for MixEffect to establish a connect to your switcher.

  • MixEffect Switcher Active: Run this shortcut at the beginning of your shortcut. If the switcher is not active, MixEffect will open and prompt you to tap OK when the switcher has connected.

Switcher Pages

SuperSource Shortcuts

  • Camera 1 + Auto Off DSK 1: Runs the Auto Off DSK 1 shortcut before transitioning to a SuperSource preset of your choice).

  • Six Left: Creates a six box SuperSource layout using the two DVEs for the fifth and sixth boxes.

  • Six Left SuperSource Helper: Helper shortcut for managing the Six Left shortcut.

  • Swap Box Details: Swap the details, optionally including the source, of two boxes in your SuperSource.

  • SuperSource Box Helper: Assists with resizing and cropping your boxes according to popular aspect ratios (16:9, 3:2, 4:3, etc.).

SuperSource and Lower Thirds

These shortcuts are used in the video tutorial on SuperSource and Lower Thirds:

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