Update Switcher Page Layout

Add or update a switcher page layout for the specified switcher connection.


  • Layout: Choose the layout type you wish to add panels to:
    • Small
    • Medium Top
    • Medium Left
    • Medium Right
    • Medium Bottom
    • Large Top
    • Large Left
    • Large Right
    • Large Bottom
    • Large Sidebar
  • Page Name: The name of the Switcher Page to add the panels to. If a page with the same name exists, the action will raise an error unless you have the Update Existing Page toggle enabled.
  • Switcher: The name of the Switcher Connection to add or update the Switcher Page.
  • Panels: Select the panels to add to the page. A layout can have up to 12 panels defined.
  • Update Existing Page: If toggled, the new layout will replace the layout in the existing Switcher Page.



Sample Shortcut

Use the Default Switcher Page shortcut in the Sample Shortcuts section as a guide to using this shortcut.