Use Box Sources

Assign sources to your preset boxes.

When Use Box Sources is enabled, the box sources defined in the preset will be used when transitioning to that preset. For instance, if the currently SuperSource layout had the following box sources:

  1. Camera 1

  2. Camera 2

  3. Camera 3

  4. Camera 4

And you switched to a preset that had Use Box Sources enabled and the following boxes defined:

  1. Camera 5

  2. Camera 6

  3. Camera 7

  4. Camera 8

Going to this second preset will change the box sources. If you went to another preset that has Use Box Sources disabled, the box sources would remain Cameras 5-8.

A preset that has Use Box Sources enabled will be indicated by an icon of a lock inside a rectangle below the preset name.

From the View All Presets page, you can mark presets to use the box sources defined in the preset.

  1. Go to the View All Presets page.

  2. Long-press on a preset you want to modify.

  3. Tap Use Box Sources. If enabled, a checkmark icon will appear next to the Use Box Sources menu option.

You can also access the Edit Preset screen by long-pressing a preset in the presets bar within the Presets tab.

Specifying Individual Locked Box Sources

You can specify which box sources should be locked in a preset. For instance, you may want Boxes 1 and 2 to be locked but 3 and 4 to be able to change based on other presets.

  1. Go to the SuperSource section.

  2. Tap the View All Presets button in the upper-right.

  3. Long-press on a preset.

  4. Choose Edit Preset.

  5. Enable Use Box Sources.

  6. Check the boxes that you want to lock.

When you enable Use Box Sources for the first time, all the boxes will be locked.

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