Set Multiview

Sets the Multiview layout.
Sets the Multiview layout and sources for the following switchers:
  • ATEM Production Studio 4K
  • ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
  • ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
  • ATEM 4 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K
  • ATEM Television Studio HD
  • ATEM Television Studio Pro HD
  • ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K
The ATEM Mini does not feature Multiview, and the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO do not feature a configurable Multiview. If you have an ATEM Mini Extreme, Mini Extreme ISO, or Constellation 8K, use the Set Multiview Advanced action.


  • Index: The multiviewer to set.
  • Set Layout: Toggle to set the layout.
  • Layout: The Multiview layout to use. There are 4 layout types to choose from: Program Top, Program Bottom, Program Left, and Program Right.