Run in Background

The Run in Background feature allows MixEffect to run completely in the background on iOS and iPadOS via Picture in Picture. You can run other applications while the MixEffect PIP window is active, and MixEffect will maintain its connection to the ATEM switcher.

When running in the background, MixEffect can continue to receive and process OSC messages and perform actions via Shortcuts.


  • iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.1

Note: Run in Background is not available on macOS. MixEffect can run in the background on macOS as long as the MixEffect window is not hidden or minimized to the Dock.

Activating Run in Background

To activate Run in Background, perform the following:

  1. Connect to your switcher.

  2. Tap Run in Background in the MixEffect Navigation area.

  3. Tap Start.

The MixEffect Picture in Picture window should now appear.

Interacting with the MixEffect PIP Window

You can move the PIP window to the four corners of your screen. You can use the pinch and expand gesture to resize the window, although you will probably want to keep the window as small as possible.

Below the MixEffect logo will be a list of the current Preview and Program sources on your ATEM's Mix Effect Buses.

Furthermore, an indicator will appear if your ATEM switcher is currently streaming or recording.

PIP Window Controls

The following controls are available in the MixEffect PIP Window:

  • Skip Backward: Tapping this performs a Cut transition.

  • Skip Forward: Tapping this performs an Auto transition.

  • X: Tapping this closes the PIP window and terminates background operation of MixEffect.

  • Expand: Tapping this opens MixEffect.

  • Pause: Does nothing.

Hiding the MixEffect PIP Window

When the MixEffect PIP window is visible, you can safely leave MixEffect and go to other applications. MixEffect will continue to run in the background. If MixEffect happens to disconnect from the ATEM, it will try to reconnect provided you have the Auto-Reconnect setting enabled in MixEffect Settings.

If you don't want to see the MixEffect PIP window but still want it active, you can drag it to the left or right-hand side of the screen. A gray bar with an arrow will appear showing you the location of the MixEffect PIP Window, which you can drag out to reveal.


Not Seeing Run in Background?

If you do not see a section called Run in Background, follow these steps to reset your Switcher Connection's navigation layout.

  1. Tap your Switcher Connection.

  2. Tap Reset Layout.

Not Seeing the Picture in Picture Window?

If after tapping Start, you see a red error message that reads:

If the MixEffect PIP window does not appear, go to another section, come back to Run in Background, and tap Start.

You will need to exit out of the Run in Background section, come back to it, and tap Start again.

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