Version 1.0.3

Here are the feature additions, changes, and bug fixes contained in MixEffect 1.0.3, Build 80, that was released on May 23, 2021.


  • SuperSource presets can now be configured to “Use Box Sources” wherein they will remember and recall the box sources that were saved with the preset. If Use Box Sources is not enabled for the preset, the current box sources will be used with the preset.

  • SuperSource 2 works properly with ATEM Constellation 8K switchers

  • Sticky Current Preset setting: Pin the currently selected preset to the left of the Presets Bar.

  • Show Transition Speed Menu setting: Display a menu in the upper-right corner of the SuperSource Visual Editor for quick access to changing the transition speed.

  • Box Arrange Bar: Align your boxes to a grid, resize your boxes, and change the aspect ratio of your boxes with presets.

  • Duplicate preset command added to the View All Presets section.

  • Add/Remove Tags commands added when bulk editing presets.

  • SuperSource Shortcut Actions now work if a switcher is connected or not.

  • SuperSource Border now works on supported switchers.


  • Additional OSC commands: SuperSource Cycle Style, Style, Cycle Speed, Speed, Grow To, Grow By, Shrink To, Shrink By, Auto, Cut, Swap, and Swap Boxes.

  • Reference SuperSource ID in OSC commands using one-based index instead of zero-based index.


  • MixEffect has been localized for German and Polish.

User Interface

  • Tethering status is displayed in the Streaming tab in Output if your switcher supports it.

  • New switcher panels: Big Cut/Auto, Program (Wide Input), Preview (Wide Input), and Program/Preview (Wide Input) with larger Input source buttons.

Audio Monitoring Toggle

  • Tap the Audio Monitoring Toggle in the upper-right corner of the Audio section if audio levels are not being sent to MixEffect from the ATEM switcher.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs with Color Generators section randomly updating.

  • Fixed crashing bug when importing presets using shortcuts.

  • Fixed crashing bug with ATEM Production Studio 4K

  • ATEM 4 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K uses Legacy Audio instead of Fairlight Audio.

  • Fixed crashing bug when accessing the Upstream Keyers section.

  • Set SuperSource Layout action uses preset name instead of UUID.

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