Version 1.2.3

Here are the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in MixEffect 1.2.3:


  • Added Low Latency toggle to Streaming. If this setting is enabled, video frames will be dropped during poor network situations to prevent the stream from lagging too far the switcher’s output.

New and Revised OSC Actions

There are even more commands for fine control of your ATEM switcher’s settings using Companion and a Stream Deck.

  • Color Generator Parameter Adjust

  • Color Generator Parameter Set

  • DSK Clip Set

  • DSK Gain Set

  • DSK Mask Set

  • Fairlight Fader Gain Set

  • Fairlight Input Gain Set

  • Fairlight Master Gain Adjust

  • Fairlight Master Gain Set

  • Transition DVE Key Clip Set

  • Transition DVE Key Gain Set

  • Transition Wipe Border Parameter Adjust

  • Transition Wipe Border Parameter Set

  • Transition Wipe Pattern Cycle

  • Transition Wipe Position Adjust

  • Transition Wipe Position Set

  • Transition Wipe Symmetry Adjust

  • SuperSource Art Border Adjust

  • SuperSource Art Border Set

  • SuperSource Art Key Clip Set

  • SuperSource Art Key Gain Set

  • SuperSource Box Crop Adjust

  • SuperSource Box Position Adjust

  • SuperSource Box Size Adjust

  • USK Chroma Advanced Parameter Adjust

  • USK Chroma Advanced Parameter Set

  • USK DVE Border Parameter Adjust

  • USK DVE Border Parameter Set

  • USK DVE Position Set

  • USK DVE Rotation Adjust

  • USK DVE Shadow Parameter Adjust

  • USK DVE Shadow Parameter Set

  • USK DVE Size Set

  • USK Luma Key Clip Set

  • USK Luma Key Gain Set

  • USK Mask Enable

  • USK Mask Set

  • USK Pattern Cycle

  • USK Pattern Position Adjust

  • USK Pattern Position Set

  • USK Pattern Size Adjust

  • USK Pattern Softness Adjust

  • USK Pattern Symmetry Adjust

OSC Implementation Changes

Adjust actions no longer can set the value of the parameter; they can only increment or decrement the current value of the setting. If you want to set the value, use the corresponding Set action. This applies to the following actions:

  • DSK Clip Adjust

  • DSK Gain Adjust

  • Fairlight Fader Gain Adjust

  • Fairlight Input Gain Adjust

  • Transition DVE Key Clip Adjust

  • Transition DVE Key Gain Adjust

  • SuperSource Art Key Clip Adjust

  • SuperSource Art Key Gain Adjust

  • SuperSource Box Crop

  • SuperSource Box Position

  • SuperSource Box Size

  • USK DVE Mask Adjust

  • USK DVE Position Adjust

  • USK DVE Size Adjust

  • USK Luma Key Clip Adjust

  • USK Luma Key Gain Adjust

  • USK Mask Adjust

OSC Bug Fixes

  • Transition Pattern width parameter is now set properly.

  • USK DVE Size supports 99.99 max value.

  • USK DVE Size Position Rotation supports 99.99 max value for size.

  • USK DVE Border enabled parameter supports 2 for toggling the border enable status.

  • USK Luma Key action sets the pre-multiplied and invert key parameters properly. Gain can also be set to 0.

iOS 15 Bug Fixes

  • Display the photo permission alert when tapping the + button in the Media section.

  • The upload photos sheet now appears properly in the Media section.

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