Remote Webview

Displays the Remote Webview window as a Switcher Page panel.

Tap the … button to reveal the following commands you can run from the Remote Webview panel:

  • Multiview Switcher: If available, overlay a Multiview Switcher on top of the Remote Webview content.

  • Edit: Change the URL to display in the panel.

  • Copy URL: Copies the URL to the clipboard.

  • Connect/Disconnect: Connects or disconnects from the URL.

Using the Multiview Switcher Overlay

On MixEffect running on iPadOS 16 devices, the Multiview Switcher overlay for Remote Webview allows you to control your ATEM switcher in real-time by tapping on the Multiview video stream. You can change video sources, start and stop streams, choose from new SuperSource presets, and more. To activate the Multiview Switcher overlay, perform the following:

  1. Make sure the content of the Remote Webview URL is outputting the Multiview from your ATEM switcher.

  2. Go to a Switcher Page wih the Remote Webview panel.

  3. Tap the ... button.

  4. Tap the number button corresponding to the Multiview that you want to display as an overlay.

  5. The Multiview Switcher will now be overlaid on top of the content from Remote Webview.

  6. Follow the documentation in the Multiview Switcher section on how to control your ATEM.

macOS Incompatibility

macOS users should note that there's an incompatibility rendering video streams when MixEffect is running on macOS. As a result, Remote Webview will not work until this bug has been fixed.

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