The Audio panel shows all audio sources coming into your ATEM switcher.

  • AFV: Tap to turn on Audio Follow Video or turn the audio source on or off.

  • Edit: Tap to access additional audio settings for the source, such as frame delay, equalizer, dynamics, etc.

  • Fader Gain: Tap and drag the white circle to adjust the fader gain for the audio source.

  • Equalizer: Tap to access the 6 band EQ for the source.

  • Dynamics: Tap to access the dynamics settings for the source.

  • Quieter: Lowers the fader gain by -3dB.

  • Louder: Raises the fader gain by +3dB.

  • Reset Fader Gain: Sets the fader gain to 0dB.

  • Video Follows Audio: If you have enabled Video Follows Audio, additional controls will be available. Long-press to change settings.

If you have an ATEM switcher that does not support Fairlight Audio, the following buttons will be missing from the Audio panel: Equalizer, Dynamics, Quieter, Louder, Video Follows Audio.

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