Version 1.0.8

Here are the improvements and changes in MixEffect 1.0.8:


  • Added Run Macro command: /mixeffect/macro. Specify the 1-based numeric index of the macro to run.


  • Send Web Presenter Command action. Control your BMD Design Web Presenter HD.

  • Send OSC Command action. Sends a command to an OSC server on the network.

  • Send ATEM Setup Command action. Sends a command to an ATEM switcher using the BMD Ethernet Protocol API.

  • Get ATEM Setup Details. Returns information about a switcher given its IP address.

  • Get ATEM Network Interfaces. Returns network interface details of a switcher from the Get ATEM Setup Details command.

  • Added Exact Match flag to the Get SuperSource Presets action. This will return only those presets that exactly match the filename (case insensitive).

UI Changes

  • HyperDeck Timecode will display in red when recording is in progress

  • Added Cut and Auto keyboard shortcuts to the Transitions, Upstream Keyers, and Transitions sections.

Bug Fixes

  • Enabling the HyperDeck Record Warning will immediately turn the panel red if the HyperDeck is not recording.

  • SuperSource boxes will no longer automatically align to the grid when the horizontal and vertical constraint is active.

  • Cut and Auto Shortcuts actions now work when Cut Bus is enabled.

  • Crop settings are preserved when switching SuperSource preset layouts.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

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