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Change Aux Source
Change Bus Source
Change Layout
Change Switcher Section
Change Transition
Connect to Switcher
Control SuperSource
Cycle Media Player
Export Streaming XML
Export SuperSource Presets
Fade to Black
Find Macros
Get ATEM Network Interfaces Details
Get ATEM Setup Details
Get Current Aux Source
Get Current Bus Source
Get Details of Current Switcher
Get Details of Streaming Configuration
Get Details of Video Source
Get DSK Details
Get Chroma Advanced Details
Get Chroma Details
Get Chroma Sample
Get Counter Overlay
Get DVE Details
Get Fairlight Audio Source
Get Fairlight Audio Sources
Get Fairlight Master Audio Source
Get Luma Details
Get Pattern Details
Get Media Clips
Get Media Player Details
Get Media Stills
Get My Streaming Services
Get My Switchers
Get Recording Filename
Get Streaming Configuration
Get Streaming Servers
Get SuperSource Art Details
Get SuperSource Box Details
Get SuperSource Presets
Get Transition Details
Get Transition Dip
Get Transition DVE Details
Get Transition Mix Details
Get Transition Stinger Details
Get Transition Wipe Details
Get USK Details
Get Video Source
Get Video Sources
Is Recording
Is Streaming
Is Switcher Active
Macro Loop
Macro Pause
New Streaming Server
New Streaming Service
New Switcher
Next SuperSource Preset
Open MixEffect
Preview Transition
Previous SuperSource Preset
Reset Counter Overlay
Reset Fairlight Audio Source Dynamics
Reset Fairlight Audio Source Equalizer
Reset Fairlight Master Audio Dynamics
Reset Fairlight Master Audio Equalizer
Record Macro
Run Counter Overlay
Run Flying Key
Run Macro
Save Startup State
Send ATEM Setup Command
Send HyperDeck Command
Send OSC Command
Send Web Presenter Command
Set Active Switcher for Shortcuts
Set Counter Overlay
Set Fairlight Audio Solo
Set Fairlight Audio Source Dynamics
Set Fairlight Audio Source Equalizer
Set Fairlight Audio Source
Set Fairlight Master Audio Dynamics
Set Fairlight Master Audio Equalizer
Set Fairlight Master Audio Source
Set Flying Key Frame
Set Flying Key Frame Rate
Set Keyer Chroma Advanced Details
Set Keyer Chroma Details
Set Keyer Chroma Sample
Set Keyer DVE
Set Keyer Luma Details
Set Keyer Pattern Details
Set Media Player
Set Multiview
Set Multiview Advanced
Set Source Name
Set Source Images
Set Streaming Configuration
Set SuperSource Art Details
Set SuperSource Art Preview
Set SuperSource Art Preview URL
Set SuperSource Cascade
Set SuperSource Cascade Presets
Set SuperSource Box Details
Set SuperSource Transition Speed
Set Transition Dip
Set Transition DVE Details
Set Transition Mix Details
Set Transition Rate Details
Set Transition Stinger Details
Set Transition Wipe Details
Set USK Background
Start Recording
Start Streaming
Stop Recording
Stop Streaming
Switch Disk
Upload Still
Update Switcher Page Layout