Version 1.7.2

Here are the new features and improvements in MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 1.7.2:


  • Updated OSC commands for SuperSource Art Border Set, SuperSource Art Border Parameter Adjust, and SuperSource Art Border Parameter Set to support duration and animation style.

  • Updated Set SuperSource Art Shortcuts action to support duration and animation style.

Multiview Switcher

  • Improved support for the Multiview Switcher on the ATEM SDI and ATEM SDI Pro ISO.

Video Follows Audio

  • Add Disable for Inputs on Program option to VFA triggers. This prevents VFA triggers from running when selected inputs are on Program. For instance, say you have a three camera layout. You can use Disable for Inputs on Program to prevent VFA activation when Program is set to the SuperSource or a fourth camera input.

Bug Fixes

  • [Bug] Fixed bug where View Only Mode would continue to prevent OSC messages from being received even when Allow OSC in View Only Mode was enabled.

  • [Bug] Fixed bug where VFA files are not saved and loaded properly.

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