Version 1.9.0

Here are the new features and improvements in MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 1.9.0:


  • Shortcut actions have been converted to AppIntents for iOS 16, which brings increased performance and categorization within the Shortcuts application.

  • We've added a Send BMD Ethernet Protocol Command action for sending commands to HyperDeck, Web Presenter, Videohub, Ultimatte, and ATEM devices.

  • ATEM Network Interface Details, Get ATEM Setup Details, and Set Streaming Settings remain as SiriKit intents because AppIntents do not yet offer comparable functionality.

  • We've deprecated Send ATEM Setup Command, Send Web Presenter Command, and Send HyperDeck Command. Please use the new Send BMD Ethernet Protocol Command as a replacement.

  • Get Macros, Get Media Clips, Get My Streaming Services, Get My Switchers, and Get SuperSource Presets have been marked as vintage for use with iOS 15 and below.

  • We've added Find Macro, Find Streaming Server, Find Streaming Service, Find Switcher, and Find SuperSource Preset actions with predicate filtering for iOS 16 and higher.

OSC and HTTP Server

  • Status icons on the Switcher Connection page show the status of the OSC Server and HTTP Server. Green signifies a successful connection. Red signifies a disconnection. Orange indicates a possible error in establishing the server connection.


  • We've increased the minimum target for iOS and iPadOS to 14.5. This is likely to be the last release that supports iOS 14. The minimum target size will increase to iOS 15 once iOS 17 becomes publicly available.

  • We've also increased the minimum target for macOS to 12.3.

  • We've added a Use Custom Back Buttons setting in the Advanced settings section to circumvent a bug with Navigation Views, where switching to other applications would cause MixEffect to lose navigation focus and revert back to a previous Switcher Section. This setting prevents this bug but also disables the swipe back gesture on affected pages (i.e., Automations, Audio Details, Media Details, and Switcher Settings views).

  • The default for Shake to Reload is now off to prevent accidental disconnects on iOS devices.

  • The recording filename field now saves automatically as you type.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Streaming header would disappear in the Navigation sidebar when no switcher was connected.

  • Addressed a crashing issue when tapping on HyperDeck in the Switcher Settings.

  • Fixed the inadvertent appearance of lock icons in the Live Stream settings when Pro features were enabled.

  • The website link in Settings now directs to either or, depending on which version of MixEffect you're using.

  • Fixed a bug introduced in later versions of iOS 16, where the SuperSource Box Controls would update boxes with incorrect data when scrolling in the SuperSource section.

  • The Upstream Keyers sheet should now appear properly when choosing USK Settings after long-pressing a Key button in the Switcher section.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Chroma Sample button from being turned off in the Advanced Chroma Keyer.

  • Assorted bugs and under-the-hood improvements have also been made.

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