Program / Preview

There are number of Program / Preview panels that you can add to your Switcher Pages.

  • Program / Preview: The input buttons are the same size as all other buttons.

  • Program / Preview (Wide Input): The input buttons are wider than normal for easier tapping.

This panel combines both the Program and Preview panel into one panel. Use this to maximize space in your switcher page.

When performing an Auto transition on ATEM switchers, the physical hardware and ATEM software control will preview source will be colored in red. In MixEffect, however, the preview source will be highlighted in yellow. This is done so you can tell which source is currently on Preview and which is on Program. At the conclusion of the transition, the color will return to the familiar red and green.

Color Sources

For Color sources, you can long-press the button to display the Color Generators sheet.

Media Player

Long-press on a media player source to display a list of clips and stills. Choose one of the items, and it will be assigned to the media player.

M/E Program / Preview Panels

If you have an ATEM switcher that has multiple Mix Effects Buses, you can add Program / Preview panels for each individual Mix Effect Bus. They will be listed in the Edit/New Switcher Page section as:

  • M/E 1 Program / Preview

  • M/E 2 Program / Preview

  • M/E 3 Program / Preview

  • M/E 4 Program / Preview

The normal Program / Preview panel operates on the currently selected Mix Effects Bus.

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