Version 1.5.1

Here are the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in MixEffect 1.5.1:


  • Fairlight Audio Equalization curves are now displayed.

  • Added ability to define the order of audio inputs (i.e. Mic, Input, XLR, RCA, etc.) in the Audio section. Look in the User Interface section of MixEffect Settings.

  • Added option to simplify the UI for audio panels at the top of the Audio section, allowing more panels to appear on-screen at a time.

  • [Bug Fix] Legacy Audio sources minimize properly when turning inputs on or off.

  • Reduced padding in audio panels.


  • [Bug Fix] Audio sources are now retrieved properly from audio actions such as Get Audio Source.


  • [Bug Fix] Reduced UI quirks when scrolling in the Audio section.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements

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