Audio Section

Monitor audio from your inputs and microphones from the dedicated Audio page in MixEffect.

  1. Tap Audio from the MixEffect Home.

  2. Add the Audio panel to a Switcher Page.

Each audio source has the following interface buttons:

  • Meters: Audio metering levels from -100db to 0db.

  • Solo: Solo the audio for this input to the headphones by tapping on the circular headphone button. Displayed for the switcher that support solo monitoring of audio inputs, such as the ATEM Mini Extreme.

  • Frames Delay: If the audio source supports it, the frames delay value will be displayed.

  • AFV/On/Off Button: A button to turn on or off the audio source. If Audio Follows Video is supported in the source, tapping this button will display a popup menu.

  • Fader Slider: Tap and drag the circle to adjust the fader gain slider.

  • Equalizer: Tap to edit the 6-band parametric equalizer.

  • Dynamics: Tap to edit the expander, compressor, and limiter for the audio source.

  • Quieter: Tap to lower the fader gain by -3db.

  • Louder: Tap to raise the fader gain by +3db.

  • Reset: Reset the fader gain to 0db.

  • Settings: Tap to adjust additional audio settings.

  • Video Follows Audio: If you have Video Follows Audio enabled on your switcher in MixEffect, an additional row appears below the Quieter, Louder, and Reset buttons. Long-press to change the video follows audio settings for the selected audio source.

NOTE: If you have an ATEM switcher that does not support Fairlight Audio, the following buttons will be missing from the Audio panel: Equalizer, Dynamics, and Video Follows Audio.

Simple UI Toggle

In the Audio section, there is a toggle at the top-right of the screen to simplify the audio panel by hiding the buttons for VFA, Equalizer, Dynamics, and Fader Level buttons. This has the effect of allowing more audio panels to be visible on screen.

Audio Monitoring Toggle

If you are experiencing problems going to the Audio section and not seeing any activity in the audio meters, tap the button in the upper-right corner of the Audio section. This will the ATEM switcher to toggle sending audio levels to MixEffect. When the icon is filled in, audio levels should be sent to MixEffect. If the icon is outlined, audio levels are not being sent.

Audio Source Sort Order

You can adjust the sort order for your audio sources by doing the following:

  1. Go to MixEffect Home.

  2. Tap MixEffect Settings.

  3. Tap User Interface.

  4. Enable Sort Audio Sources.

  5. Tap Edit Sort Order of Audio Sources.

  6. Drag the audio sources in the order you wish for them to appear in the Audio section.

Order Audio Sources By State

By default, MixEffect will place mixed in audio sources at the top of the screen. If you want your audio sources to stay fixed in the Audio section, perform the following:

  1. Go to MixEffect Home.

  2. Tap MixEffect Settings.

  3. Tap User Interface.

  4. Disable Order Audio Sources by State

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