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Get Details of Current Switcher

Returns details about the current switcher, including the number of Mix Effect Blocks, SuperSources, Downstream Keyers, Stingers, and more.




Details of the current switcher:
  • Mix Effect Blocks: Number of Mix Effect Buses.
  • Auxiliary Buses: Number of AUX Outputs.
  • Downstream Keyers: Number of DSKs.
  • Mix Minus Outputs: Number of mix minus outputs.
  • Media Players: Number of media players.
  • Max Hyperdecks: Number of HyperDecks.
  • Serial Ports: Number of serial ports.
  • MultiViewers: Number of MultiViewers.
  • Digital Video Effects: Number of DVEs.
  • Super Sources: Number of SuperSources.
  • Stingers: Number of stingers.
  • Model: The model of the ATEM switcher.
  • IP Address: The IP address of the switcher.
  • Current Mix Effect: The current Mix Effect Bus, 1-based index.