Version 1.2.4

Here are the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in MixEffect 1.2.4:


  • Saturation value can now go to 200 for USK Advanced Chroma Parameter Set and Adjust OSC commands.

  • The Constrain Size toggle in the DVE and Flying Key Size editing sheets is now a MixEffect preference and can be controlled by the USK DVE Size, USK DVE Size Set, USK DVE Size Adjust, and USK DVE Size Position Rotation OSC actions.

  • USK Mask Enable and USK Luma Pre-Multiply actions properly set the masked and pre-multiplied booleans only.

  • Improved reliability of OSC commands when passing in invalid parameters.


  • Improved reliability of running shortcuts.


  • Separated the Set All Settings button in the SuperSource Presets tab into two buttons:

    • Set Box Settings: Sets the currently selected box settings when recording macros.

    • Set All Settings: Sets all box settings for the current SuperSource when recording macros.

User Interface

  • The Set All Settings button in Edit Sheets now appear only when recording macros.

  • Added Vertical Fader Bar switcher panel.

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