MixEffect has several features for securing itself from unwanted or accidental access.

  • Lock with Face ID and Passcode

  • View Only Mode

  • Guided Access

  • Network Security

Lock with Face ID and Passcode

Enabling this setting will cause MixEffect to prompt you with Face ID or your device's passcode in order to open MixEffect.

  1. Tap Settings (gear icon) from the MixEffect Home.

  2. Tap Lock with Face ID and Passcode.

Now, whenever you launch MixEffect, it will prompt you to authenticate with Face ID or your device's passcode (after two failed Face ID attempts).

The authentication screen will also appear if you switch to another app in iOS and return to MixEffect.

NOTE: If you do not have a password assigned to the device, Lock with Face ID and Passcode and View Only Mode will be disabled.

View Only Mode

View Only Mode disables the ability to change any setting on your ATEM switcher. This makes it suitable for handing off the device to someone. Or, if you want to follow along with your video staff, you can do so without fear you will disrupt the live production.

Here how to activate it:

  1. Tap Settings (gear icon) from the MixEffect Home.

  2. Toggle Enable View Only Mode.

  3. Tap Done.

In View Only Mode, an orange banner will appear at the top of the screen. Here's what changes in the app:

  • Connect and Disconnect: You can continue to connect to and disconnect from your list of available switchers.

  • No Create, Edit or Delete: You are prevented from creating, editing, or deleting switcher connections, streaming services, servers, or profiles.

  • View Only: Any changes that are made on the ATEM will continue to be reflected in MixEffect in real-time.

  • Limited Scrolling: You can scroll through some screens but not all.

  • No Taps Allowed: You cannot tap any buttons or modify any settings on the connected switcher.

To exit out of View Only Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the eye icon in the orange banner at the top of the screen.

  2. You will be prompted with Face ID or your device passcode to disable View Only Mode.

If authentication fails, View Only Mode will remain active. It will also remain active if you force quit and restart the app.

Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature built into iOS that locks your device into running a single application. You can define regions within the app that are not tappable or prevent the keyboard from appearing altogether.

In Guided Access Mode, were MixEffect ever to crash, it would relaunch again. If you have auto-reconnect enabled, MixEffect would connect to the last switcher you were using. Guided Access also provides additional stability for MixEffect by allocating more computing resources to it.

Learn more about Guided Access at Apple's website here.

Network Security

This document cannot fully cover all the intricacies of network design configuration, but it can share some generally best practices and tips to maximize the reliability of MixEffect.

Hardline vs. Wireless

MixEffect works well over Wi-Fi, but it can perform better when it is plugged in directly to the network using Ethernet.

For iOS devices with the Lightning connector, you will need to get a USB-A to Lightning adapter with the Lightning power passthrough port. This will enable you to power both your iOS device and the USB Ethernet adapter that you plug into the USB-A port.

For iPads with a USB-C port, you can purchase a USB-C hub that has power passthrough and a built-in Ethernet port.

Make sure the ATEM switcher and your devices are connected to the same network.

Wireless Tips

If you will be using MixEffect over a Wi-Fi network, keep these tips in mind:

Use a dedicated wireless network that only you and other staff have access to. If you plug your ATEM switcher into a public network, anyone will be able to access your device, be it through MixEffect, ATEM Software Control, Companion, etc.


If you want to remotely control your ATEM switcher from two different networks, use a VPN. For instance, suppose you are on cellular yet got a call that you need to assist with setting up an ATEM on-location.

If the ATEM was in a network that you could access via a VPN, you could log into the ATEM's network and control it as if you were sitting in the room pushing the buttons.

For details on MixEffect's performance over these different networking types, refer to the documentation in the Troubleshooting section on performance and stability.

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