Custom Animation Style

In version 1.4.0 of MixEffect, you can now set a custom animation style to use when recalling a preset. This custom style will override whatever animation style you have set in MixEffect. There are eleven different animation styles that change the speed and movement of the boxes as they transition from one preset to another.

  • Cosine

  • Cubed

  • Inverse Cubed

  • Inverse Squared

  • Linear

  • Sine

  • Smooth Step

  • Smoother Step

  • Squared

  • Ease In Out Elastic

  • Ease Out Bounce

  • Ease Out Elastic

To change the animation style for a preset, follow these steps:

  1. Edit a preset.

  2. Toggle Use Custom Animation.

  3. Choose the animation style.

  4. Tap Save.

Easing Styles and Speed

If you make use of the Ease In Out Elastic, Ease Out Bounce, or Ease Out Elastic animation styles, it's recommend that you choose a slower animation speed than you would ordinarily use. For instance, it you have MixEffect's default animation speed set to Fast, you will want to choose Normal or Slow if you use presets with these animation styles.

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