Version 1.7.0

Here's are the new features and improvements in MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 1.7.0

New Features for Devices Running iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.1

Run in Background

Run MixEffect and control your ATEM in the background on iOS and iPadOS. MixEffect will continue to respond to shortcut actions and OSC messages while you use other applications when the MixEffect Picture-in-Picture window is active.

Multiview Switcher

Control your ATEM switcher in a brand-new way by displaying a visual switcher based on your Multiview settings. Touch, Swipe, and Long-Press to select inputs, perform cut and auto transitions, select media stills, and change SuperSource presets. Source Images allows you to display a graphic in place of the input source.

Multiview Switcher Overlay for Remote Webview

Overlay the Multiview Switcher on of Remote Website to see and interact with the real Multiview from your ATEM switcher.

More New Features

Split Controls for SuperSource and USK

On iPadOS, you can now display two columns when editing in the SuperSource and the Upstream Keyer sections. This makes it easy to modify your settings while seeing the visual editor at the same time.

Mix Effect Bus Panels

On ATEM switchers with more than one Mix Effect Bus, individual panels for each M/E Bus have been added for Compact Controls, Cut / Auto, Fader Bar, Flying Key, FTB, Next Transition, Preview, Program, Program / Preview, and Transition Style.

UI Improvements

  • Aux Button in Compact Controls Panel: Long-Press to display a menu where you can assign an input to each Auxiliary output.

  • Color Generators: On iPadOS, the Color Generator section is split into two columns.

  • Jog Dials in SuperSource: Added jog dial for finer control of SuperSource box positioning. Long-press for even finder adjustments.

  • Legacy Audio: Louder and Quieter buttons have been added the Legacy Audio sources.

  • Mix Effect Bus Picker: Added option to move the Mix Effect Bus Picker to the toolbar for ATEM switchers featuring two or more Mix Effect Buses.

  • Recording Panel: Displays recording information such as remaining time, duration, and errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Compatibility updates for the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS.

  • Improved Tally detection.

  • Mix Minus correctly shows source names in Switcher Settings.

  • Switcher Connection remembers the last Switcher Page when using the keyboard shortcuts.

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