Automations Overview

Automations is an advanced feature of MixEffect that lets you control your ATEM switcher automatically based on audio levels, voice commands, or external triggers.

  • OSC

  • Shortcuts

  • Video Follows Audio

In the following sections in MixEffect, Automation links appear allowing you to quickly create shortcuts and OSC actions for the current state of your switcher. Some automations can be configured to be animated over time and with a custom animation style.


You can control certain functions of MixEffect via Open Sound Control (OSC) clients. This allows you, for instance, to use the popular Stream Deck (when powered by Companion) to assign buttons to set SuperSource presets, activate Video Follows Audio, or to run shortcuts.

Read the section on OSC for more details.


iOS comes with a built-in application and system-wide method for automating tasks on your device called Shortcuts. It's tied heavily into the Siri system for using your voice to perform some action. Maybe you've used it to call someone or send a text message.

With MixEffect, you can control your ATEM switchers with just your voice or through a shortcut.

Read the Shortcuts section for more details.

Video Follows Audio

MixEffect allows you to set up an auto-switcher system based on audio levels from your audio input sources.

For instance, you can instruct your switcher to change automatically to Input 1 whenever the Mic 1 audio level passes -20dB. You can have it hold there for 5 seconds before allowing another audio input to trigger another camera change.

This is useful if you are doing a production as a one-man team and want to automate the switching aspects of your show.

Learn more about Video Follows Audio here.

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