Version 1.2.2
Here are the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in MixEffect 1.2.2, dubbed the OSC Action Extravaganza Release:
  • Fix incorrect parameter positions in a number of OSC actions from MixEffect 1.2.1, whose release notes are copied below:


Over 110 new OSC commands give you fine control of your ATEM switcher from Companion and a Stream Deck.
  • Aux/Output Source
  • Color Generators
  • DSK Auto
  • DSK Inputs
  • DSK Key
  • DSK Key Clip Adjust
  • DSK Key Clip Gain
  • DSK Key Gain Adjust
  • DSK Key Invert
  • DSK Key Pre Multiplied
  • DSK Mask
  • DSK Mask Adjust
  • DSK Mask Enable
  • DSK On Air
  • DSK Rate
  • DSK Tie
  • Fade to Black
  • Fade to Black Rate
  • Fairlight Audio Frame Delay
  • Fairlight Audio Set Input Gain
  • Fairlight Reset Peaks
  • Fairlight Reset Source Peaks
  • Fairlight Set Fader Gain
  • Fairlight Set Input Mix Option
  • Macro Continue
  • Macro Loop
  • Macro Stop
  • Multiviewer Change Window Source
  • Recording Set Filename
  • Recording Start or Stop
  • Recording Switch Disk
  • Set Preview Input
  • Set Program Input
  • Startup State Clear
  • Startup State Save
  • Stream Set Service
  • Stream Start or Stop
  • SuperSource Art Border
  • SuperSource Art Border Enable
  • SuperSource Art Key
  • SuperSource Art Key Clip Adjust
  • SuperSource Art Key Clip Gain
  • SuperSource Art Key Gain Adjust
  • SuperSource Art Key Invert
  • SuperSource Art Key Pre Multiplied
  • SuperSource Art Place In
  • SuperSource Box Enabled
  • SuperSource Set Art
  • Transition Change Rate
  • Transition Dip Source
  • Transition DVE Flip Flop
  • Transition DVE Inputs
  • Transition DVE Key
  • Transition DVE Key Clip Adjust
  • Transition DVE Key Clip Gain
  • Transition DVE Key Gain Adjust
  • Transition DVE Key Enable
  • Transition DVE Key Invert
  • Transition DVE Key Pre Multiplied
  • Transition DVE Reverse
  • Transition DVE Style
  • Transition Next
  • Transition Preview
  • Transition Set Dip
  • Transition Set DVE
  • Transition Set Mix
  • Transition Set Style
  • Transition Set Wipe
  • Transition Wipe Border
  • Transition Wipe FlipFlop
  • Transition Wipe Pattern
  • Transition Wipe Position
  • Transition Wipe Reverse
  • Transition Wipe Source
  • Transition Wipe Symmetry
  • USK Chroma
  • USK Chroma Advanced
  • USK Chroma Advanced Sample
  • USK DVE Border
  • USK DVE Border Enabled
  • USK DVE Mask
  • USK DVE Mask Adjust
  • USK DVE Mask Enable
  • USK DVE Position
  • USK DVE Position Adjust
  • USK DVE Rotation
  • USK DVE Shadow
  • USK DVE Shadow Enabled
  • USK DVE Size
  • USK DVE Size Adjust
  • USK DVE Size Position
  • USK DVE Size Position Rotation
  • USK Flying Key Enable
  • USK Flying Key Keyframe
  • USK Flying Key Rate
  • USK Inputs
  • USK Luma
  • USK Luma Key
  • USK Luma Key Clip Adjust
  • USK Luma Key Clip Gain
  • USK Luma Key Gain Adjust
  • USK Luma Key Invert
  • USK Luma Key Pre Multiplied
  • USK Mask
  • USK Mask Adjust
  • USK Mask Enable
  • USK On Air
  • USK Pattern
  • USK Pattern Invert
  • USK Pattern Position
  • USK Pattern Size
  • USK Pattern Size Symmetry Softness Position
  • USK Pattern Softness
  • USK Pattern Style
  • USK Pattern Symmetry
  • USK Run Flying Key
  • USK Style


  • Duplicating a preset will display the Edit Preset sheet.


  • Set Multiview Layout and Set Multiview Layout (Advanced) actions updated so no error will appear if the Set Layout toggle is disabled.
  • Upload Still action update removed unused Media Player Index parameter.

User Interface

  • Video Source IDs are displayed in the All tab of the Switcher Settings > Source Labels screen.
  • Address various iOS 15 interface differences over iOS 14.

Bug Fixes

  • The DSK Set All Settings button will now set the current state of the Tie and On Air status for the selected DSK.
  • The USK Set All Settings button will now set the Background, Key, and On Air status for the selected USK.
  • Resolved slowdown when going in and out of Split View / Slide Over while the View All Presets Grid page or the SuperSource Switcher Panel is visible.
  • Pickers on macOS should now work properly.
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