View All Presets

Tap the View All button or press Command-O in the Presets section to go to the View All Presets page.

Tap the button in the upper-right to access the following menu:

  • Grid: Switch the layout to a grid of preset layout thumbnails.

  • List: View your presets in a list.

  • Detail: View your presets in a grid with additional information about each preset.

  • Name: Sort your presets by name. Tap again to toggle the sort between ascending and descending.

  • Favorite: Sort your presets by their favorite status.

  • Box Count: Sort your presets by the number of enabled boxes.

  • Show Descriptions: Display the notes associated with your presets.

  • Import Presets: Import presets into MixEffect.

  • Export All Presets: Export your presets to a file.

  • Reset Presets: Deletes all presets in MixEffect and installs the default presets.

View All Presets Shortcut

You can also access the View All Presets page directly from the Switcher Navigation section by tapping the chevron icon on the SuperSource row.

Setting Layouts

When in Grid or Detail mode, you can tap on a preset to set its layout.

The Detail view will highlight which boxes are enabled in the preset, even if they are positioned off-screen. Enabled boxes will have a colored box around the video source. Boxes that are disabled will have no border around them.

When in List mode, you will tap on the Play button on the far right to set the SuperSource layout to the selected preset. This is done to prevent accidental triggering.

Highlight Bar

The same highlight bar from the SuperSource section main page is present on the View All Presets page.

Filtering Presets

Use the search bar to filter your presets by text contained in the preset name or description. The filtered list of presets will be shown on the main SuperSource section.

Use the description to place tags to identify collections of layouts used for a particular show or event.

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