Set Advanced Chroma Keyer

Sets details for the advanced chroma keyer. Sets details for the chroma keyer. This action only works on those ATEM switchers that support the advanced chroma keyer.


  • Index: The 1-based USK index for the keyer.

  • Mix Effect Block Index: The Mix Effect Block to change. Default is M/E 1.

  • Fill Source: The fill source to use for the Chroma keyer.

  • Enable Mask: Toggle whether to crop the Chroma key area.

  • Mask Top: The mask top value from -9.0 to 9.0.

  • Mask Bottom: The mask bottom value from -9.0 to 9.0.

  • Mask Left: The mask left value from -16.0 to 16.0.

  • Mask Right: The mask right value from -16.0 to 16.0.

  • Foreground: Adjustment on how opaque the foreground mask is.

  • Background: Adjustment on the opacity of the keyer area.

  • Key Edge: Adjustment to the edge of the keyer area, which helps to remove background elements from the edge of the foreground.

  • Spill Suppression: Adjustment to remove colored tint from the edges of the foreground elements.

  • Flare Suppression: Adjustment to remove the green tint across the foreground elements.

  • Brightness: The brightness of the keyed area.

  • Contrast: The contrast of the keyed area.

  • Saturation: The saturation of the keyed area.

  • Red: The red value of the keyed area.

  • Green: The green value of the keyed area.

  • Blue: The blue value of the keyed area.

  • Enable Flying Key: Enable the flying key.

  • Position X: The X position of the keyer box.

  • Position Y: The Y position the keyer box.

  • Size X: Set the horizontal size of the keyer box.

  • Size Y: The vertical size of the keyer box.

  • Rotation: The rotation of the keyer box. Not all switchers support rotation.



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