Generic OSC Module

To configure the Generic OSC Module in Companion to communicate with MixEffect, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the web admin interface to Companion Running on your computer.

  2. Tap Instances.

  3. Enter OSC generic in the search field to add a new module.

  4. Tap Add.

  5. Give your module a name like MixEffect Extreme or Extreme (MixEffect).

  6. Set the IP address to the IP address of the device running MixEffect.

  7. Set the port number to the correct port you entered for your switcher in MixEffect.

  8. Tap Apply Changes.

Adding a Button

This section covers adding a button to Companion. It assumes that you are familiar with how Companion works.

  1. Tap the Buttons tab.

  2. Navigate to the page where you want to add a MixEffect button.

  3. Click on a button.

  4. Set the button type to Regular button.

  5. Enter the name for your button.

  6. Click Add key down/on action.

  7. In the list that appears, choose the appropriate action from the list below:

    • MixEffect Extreme: Send message without arguments

    • MixEffect Extreme: Send integer

    • MixEffect Extreme: Send float

    • MixEffect Extreme: Send string

    • MixEffect Extreme: Send message with multiple arguments

Which option you choose depends on the message you are planning to send. Review the next section to determine what kind of message to use.

  1. Enter the OSC Path corresponding to the message you want to send. For instance: /mixeffect/ssrc/preset will instruct MixEffect to run a SuperSource preset.

  2. Enter the name of the preset in the Value field. For instance, enter "Four Grid" if you chose Send message with multiple arguments. If you chose Send string, enter Four Grid without quotes.

  3. Tap Test actions to see MixEffect run the preset.

If nothing happens, check the following:

  1. Enable OSC is enabled in MixEffect Settings.

  2. Enable OSC Server is enabled in your Switcher Detail page.

  3. The port number you specified for your switcher is the same one you entered in Companion.

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