Audio Source Details

Tap on the ellipsis button to access the details page for an audio source. The audio details page will appear with the following sections:

  • Source

  • Equalizer

  • Dynamics


  • Mix Option: Choose between Off, On, or Audio Follows Video (if supported).

  • Solo: Enable or disable solo monitoring. Available only on switchers that support solo monitoring.

  • Input Gain: Set the input gain for an audio source.

  • Frames Delay: Adjust the frames delay for microphone inputs.

  • Pan: Adjust the left and right balance for an audio source.

NOTE: Switchers without Fairlight Audio support will not have sections for Equalizer and Dynamics.


Starting in MixEffect 1.3.0, you can now edit the settings for the 6-band parametric equalizer for all of your Fairlight audio sources.

You can perform the following operations in the Equalizer Visualizer with each band circle:

  • Tap and drag: Adjust the band's frequency by dragging horizontally. If the band allows it, adjust the gain by dragging vertically.

  • Double-tap: If the band shape is set to Bell, you can double-tap the band circle to switch between adjusting the frequency/gain to the Q Factor. The circle will change to purple, and you can drag horizontally to raise or lower the Q Factor value. Double-tap again to switch back to adjusting the frequency/gain.

  • Long-press: Display a context menu when you can set the band shape, enable/disable, or reset the band's parameters.


Starting in MixEffect 1.3.0, you can now edit the dynamics settings for all of your Fairlight audio sources. Input sources have options to configure the Expander, Compressor, and Limiter, while the Master Audio source settings to adjust the Compressor and Limiter.

NOTE: The Master Audio source does not support Expander/Gate in Dynamics.

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