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Version 1.4.0

Here are the new features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes in MixEffect 1.4.0:


  • Brand new website with better organization and UI: https://docs.mixeffect.app


  • New Shortcut Actions
    • Capture Still
    • Get Color Generator
    • Set Color Generator
    • Set Fairlight Audio Master Volume
    • Set Fairlight Audio Source Volume
    • Get Timecode
  • Added duration and animation parameters to:
    • Set USK Chroma Advanced Details
    • Set USK Luma Details
    • Set USK Pattern Details
    • Set USK DVE Details
    • Set SuperSource Box Details
  • Select audio, video, and aux sources in your Shortcut actions when not connected to an ATEM switcher. Note: A full list of all sources will be displayed, some of which may not be applicable to the switcher you are trying to control.
  • Set SuperSource Layout and Set SuperSource Cascade Layout use preset name and unique id when retrieving presets.


  • New OSC Actions
    • USK Luma Full
    • USK Chroma Advanced Full
    • USK Pattern Full
    • USK DVE Full
    • DSK Full
    • Capture Still
    • SuperSource Box Full
    • SuperSource Box Crop Full
    • SuperSource Box Position Full
    • SuperSource Box Position Size Crop
  • Duration and Animation Style parameters added to these actions:
    • Set Color Generator
    • Fairlight Dynamics Gain
    • Fairlight Dynamics Equalizer
    • Fairlight Fader Gain
    • Fairlight Input Gain
    • Fairlight Master Dynamics Gain
    • Fairlight Master Dynamics Equalizer
    • Fairlight Master Fader Gain
    • Legacy Audio Input Gain
    • Legacy Audio Master Gain
    • SuperSource Box Position
    • SuperSource Box Size
    • SuperSource Box Crop
    • USK DVE Border
    • USK DVE Mask
    • USK DVE Position actions
    • USK DVE Rotation actions
    • USK DVE Shadow actions
    • USK DVE Size actions
    • USK DVE Size Position Rotation
    • USK Mask
    • USK Pattern
    • USK Pattern Position
    • USK Pattern Size
    • USK Pattern Size Symmetry Softness Position
    • USK Pattern Softness
    • USK Pattern Symmetry

Automations and Animations

  • Automation links on Color Generators, DSK, SuperSource, Transitions, and USK sections let you easily create shortcuts and OSC action.
  • Added Ease In Out Elastic, Ease Out Bounce, and Ease Out Elastic animation styles.

Color Generators

  • Animate changes to color generators over time with Shortcuts and OSC.

Downstream Keyers

  • Animate changes to DSK over time with Shortcuts and OSC.


  • Custom animation styles can be saved in presets
  • Animate changes to box position, size and crop values over time with Shortcuts and OSC.
  • Removed sub-menus from SuperSource Options menu.
  • Aspect Ratio controls enables crop for selected boxes.

Upstream Keyers

  • Animated changes to Luma, Chroma, Pattern, and DVE over time with Shortcuts and OSC.


  • Changes to Input Gain, Fader Gain, Make Up Gain, and Equalizer Gain can be adjusted over time with an easing algorithm.


  • Add ability to reconnect forever. Normally, MixEffect will try to connect three times before stopping.
  • Improved initial connection process to switcher when starting the app for the first time

Bug Fixes

  • Set Equalizer Band actions: Equalizer band picker corresponds to the correct band number.
  • Set Timecode view displays wheel picker for choosing hour, minute, and second.
  • Set USK Keyer Pattern: Position value calculated correctly.
  • Rotation scale now displays correctly on switchers that support DVE rotation.
  • Improved detection of ATEM state when running shortcuts on iOS devices.