Version 1.6.2

Here's are the new features and improvements in MixEffect 1.6.2:

Counter Overlay

  • Added MEClock digital clock face.

  • Added 00:00:00 option to presets list.


  • [New] Add HTTP Server for handling Feedback

  • [Change] Feedback now includes the current SuperSource preset.

  • [Deprecation] Deprecated Companion Feedback. Will be updating native MixEffect Companion Module to use HTTP Server for feedback in the future.

Remote Webview

  • [New] Added Remote Webview Panel

  • [Change] Remote Webview now autoplays when loading a view containing a media stream.


  • [Change] Shortcut actions will be sent to the following instance of MixEffect according to these rules:

    1. Switcher defined by the Set Active Switcher for Shortcuts action.

    2. The last switcher the user interacted with.

    3. The frontmost switcher.

  • [New] Set Active Switcher for Shortcuts action. If you create a shortcut that targets a specific switcher, be sure to add a blank Set Active Switcher for Shortcuts at the end of your shortcut to allow for normal operation.

  • [Bug Fix] Refactored Set Streaming Configuration to retrieve latest information from passed-in parameters.


  • [Change] SuperSource Cut keyboard shortcut is now Command-Option-Shift-Return

  • [Change] SuperSource Auto keyboard shortcut is now Command-Option-Return

  • [Change] Added regular Cut and Auto keyboard shortcuts to SuperSource section to work around bug where keyboard shortcuts were not working properly.


  • [Bug Fix] Authentication prompt should no longer appear when using the app.

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