USB View

The USB View switcher panel allows devices running macOS 14 or iPadOS 17 and higher to connect and display the contents from an external camera.

If the output from the camera is the Multiview from the ATEM switcher, you can combine this feature with the Multiview Overlay to turn MixEffect into a display and control surface for your ATEM.

Adding USB View to the Switcher Section

You add the USB View panel to a Switcher Page like any other Switcher Panel:

  1. Tap the Switcher Page button in the upper-left hand corner of the Switcher section.

  2. Tap Edit Page to edit the current page.

  3. Tap Add Panel to Top in the Top section.

  4. Select USB View.

  5. Normally, you will want the USB View to be at the top of the section. Tap Edit in the upper-right hand corner of the sheet.

  6. Drag the USB View panel to the top of the section.

  7. Tap Done.

  8. Tap Close.

Selecting the Camera

In the bottom-right hand corner of the USB View, there will be a picker for selecting external cameras connected to your Mac or iPad.

MixEffect will remember the last camera that you plugged in, so the next time you connect to the ATEM, it will automatically select the preferred camera if it is already connected.

Multiview Overlay

Setting the external camera to the ATEM switcher's Multiview unlocks the ability to use MixEffect's Multiview Overlay feature. This displays a tappable overlay on top of the video, wherein you can change inputs, perform cut or auto transitions, select SuperSource presets, and more.

Buttons corresponding to the number of Multiviews from the switcher will be displayed in the bottom-right hand corner of the USB View. Tap them to activate the Multivew Overlay. Labels will appear over the camera view to let you know that the overlay is active.

If the overlay labels do not correspond to the Multiview you are seeing, tap one of the other Multiview buttons.

With the Multiview Overlay active, you can perform every function supported by the Multiview Switcher panel interface, such as:

  • Tap or double-tap to perform a Cut or Auto transition in the Program or Preview window.

  • Tap or double-tap an input to bring it into Preview or Program.

  • Long-press or right-click in a window to bring up a context menu of commands.

  • Long-press or right-click in the SuperSource window to select a SuperSource preset.

See the section on the Multiview Switcher for a complete list of actions you can perform.


USB View has the following limitations:

  1. Only one instance of USB View can be operational at a given time. This includes multiple windows running MixEffect on both macOS and iPadOS.

  2. Sound from the external webcam is currently not supported.

  3. USB View is not supported on iOS 17 and below because the operating system lacks support for external cameras.

  4. If the external webcam is displaying content other than the Multiview from the ATEM and you activate the Multiview Overlay, you will not be prevented from controlling your ATEM by tapping on the USB View panel.

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