MixEffect lets you set the source for your ATEM switcher's auxiliary outputs.

  1. Go to the MixEffect Home.

  2. Tap Aux.

You can configure the Aux section to display as either a crosspoint selector or as individual panels.

Crosspoint Selector

A single panel will appear that has two sections. The top section lists all available Auxiliary outputs. The bottom section lists all inputs that can be routed through the selected Auxiliary output.

Separate Panels

Each auxiliary output will appear as a separate panel with the same sources. The selected source for each Aux output will be highlighted in red.

For example, on the ATEM Mini Pro, the lone Aux output is tied to the MultiViewer HDMI output.

On an ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K, there are three Aux channels, so the Aux view displays three panels.

Remote Webview

Remote Webview displays a floating 16:9 window within MixEffect. Use it with a video streaming service like VDO.Ninja to display your ATEM's Multiview inside MixEffect. Learn more about Remote Webview.

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