Version 2.0.0

Here are the new features and improvements in MixEffect and MixEffect Pro 2.0.0:

  • Support for the ATEM 4 M/E Constellation 4K and the ATEM Television Studio 4K8.

  • Transition style and rate feedback added to HTTP Feedback Server.

  • Add toggle to enable Switcher Connections to automatically enable Video Follows Audio when connecting.

  • Add toggle to enable Multiview Overlay in Remote Webview automatically when connecting.

  • Support for sending Teranex commands using the Send BMD Ethernet Protocol Shortcuts action.

  • New gold icon to differentiate the paid-up front version of MixEffect Pro from the free-to-download MixEffect.

  • Assorted performance improvements and bug fixes.

  • In-App Purchases now powered by StoreKit 2.

  • Minimum iOS and iPadOS is now 15.4.

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